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Why we exist

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples are the longest continuous culture in the world with over 60 000 years of history. The Indigenous peoples of Australia are made up of a multitude of tribal nations and clan groups each with distinct languages, cultures, laws, lore and unique ways of being. For millennia we have not only traded in our goods and materials and knowledge but also our culture with each other and the outside world.

ATSIIEO provides a platform for direct First Nations engagement to the international community allowing for a process of Nation building led directly by those First Nations. By taking into account the fundamental principle of self determination and ensuring a accurate and legitimate representation from these respective communities and tribal nations ATSIIEO provides a opportunity for First Nations to take their own international engagement into their own hands. This decentralisation of international engagement ensures that authentic and legitimate First Nations aspiration, concerns, needs, wants and impact are at the forefront of the conversations with our international partners. With the opportunity to connect and partner with various groups, agencies, organisations and states, ATSIIEO provides a connection and platform for First Nations to engage and speak for themselves in the international arena.

A bridge between worlds

ATSIIEO exists as a bridge between worlds as we look to carry on the traditions and connections we have built over the centuries. Today‚Äôs world of interconnection and globalisation have changed the way in which we communicate and interact and in keeping pace with the evolution of this interconnection ATSIIEO looks to connect with the world. ATSIIEO looks to not only build understanding of our ancient cultures and contemporary issues but also to look at paths and ways in which we can walk forward together with other like-minded communities around the globe. ATSIIEO represents more than only a international engagement body but also a mindset among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander groups for representation abroad and the greater integration of our local communities with the international community. 

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